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Pair Arrested for Illegal Drug Sales and Identity Theft

On March 25, 2021 just before 11:30 a.m., officers assigned to the Glendale Police Department’s Special Enforcement Detail (SED) were patrolling the parking lot of a motel on the 6700 block of San Fernando Rd when they noticed a male taking items from a vehicle with a California license plate and transferring them to a rental truck with an Arizona license plate. A records check of the vehicle revealed that the registration was expired; it should also be noted that the male, identified as 31-year-old Wesley Harrison of Newhall, was not wearing a face covering.

Officers contacted Harrison regarding the violations. Harrison claimed he had rented the above mentioned truck and that the vehicle belonged to his friend, later identified as to 26-year-old Kaitlyn Sap (transient), who was standing nearby. A records check of Harrison revealed he had an outstanding arrest warrant. Harrison was placed under arrest for his warrants and during a search of him, officers located two credit cards belonging to other people along with several hundred dollars in cash.

Officers searched multiple bags that were near Harrison, that he claimed ownership of, and located a notebook containing personal identifying information of several individuals, several methamphetamine pipes, a plastic bag containing a substantial amount of methamphetamine, a digital scale, multiple empty plastic baggies and heroin along with other evidence of illegal drug sales. Sap approached officers and claimed the above mentioned vehicle belonged to her. A search of Sap’s vehicle revealed more cash, Xanax, multiple plastic baggies, two digital scales, more methamphetamine and three California identification cards belonging to other individuals.

Harrison was arrested and booked for possessing a controlled substance for sale, identity theft and his outstanding warrant. Sap was arrested and booked for identity theft and possessing a controlled substance for sale. Due to Los Angeles County’s emergency “Zero dollar” bail schedule, both Harrison and Sap were released within two hours of being booked with a notice to appear in court at a later date.

Sgt Hauptmann

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