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Man Attempts Suicide Along the 210 Freeway

Today around 12:30 P.M., the Glendale Fire Department responded to a reported traffic collision, rescue on the 210 freeway at the Lowell exit. Units arrived on the scene to find the vehicle off the freeway. The Glendale Police Department was advised that the suspect had fled the vehicle with a machete in hand. The suspect continued running along the freeway, telling the cops he wanted to commit suicide at the hands of a cop. He reached the westbound side of the freeway and threatened to jump off while making suicidal statements.

During these suicidal threats, firefighters had deployed an air cushion below the suspect. After a long standoff between the suspect and the units, at around 4 P.M., the Glendale Police were able to detain him and stop him from committing suicide. Traffic was stopped on Honolulu Ave, Lowell Ave, and the 210 freeway.

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