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Adventist Health Glendale Left with Only 10% of ICU Capacity According to Executive

In a Facebook post on December 9, 2020, Adventist Health Glendale Executive Ramella Markarian said, “Due to an unprecedented spike in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County, our community hospitals are rapidly approaching capacity. Adventist Health Glendale is the largest hospital in San Fernando Valley with 515 beds, the largest ICU and ER, and 12 consecutive “A” safety [ratings]. Over the past two weeks, we tripled our Covid cases and currently in a surge with only 10% ICU bed availability. The shortage of ICU nurses and physicians, respiratory therapists, infectious disease specialists, PPEs, and all other resources is real at all hospitals.

As we’re bracing for worse numbers during this holiday season we ask our community to please follow the “stay at home order” so we can successfully flatten the curve or slow down the infection rate in an effort to avoid overwhelming the health care system.

If you are experiencing any COVID related symptoms [please] call your physician. If you’re experiencing any life threatening symptoms [please] call 911.”

Via Ramella Markarian Facebook

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